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48th Annual Convention Symposium
Concrete: Getting More from Less
New date: 3rd September 2020

Venue: Stratford Manor Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon

It is fair to say that efficiency and effectiveness are cornerstones in the construction sector and with concrete making and use in particular. In pursuing these objectives the mantra “getting more from less” rings true. It can be difficult to quantify what is meant by “more” and “less” when dealing with issues such as sustainability and the environment. Benefit from one standpoint may well be regarded as a liability from another. Recent reaction to global warming and weather change brings these contradicting issues into sharp perspective.

For instance, less CO2 may be good but resulting additional costs may be less so. On the other hand getting more strength from less cement or better durability by using less water lend themselves to putting numbers on the benefits concrete and its components are coupled to design options that have to compete with established alternatives. These options can be conflicting issues and will be exemplified by way of examples and test cases and expanded upon by open discussion. We can learn from the experience of others.

A balance has to be struck between what is ideal versus what is pragmatic.

This symposium will give the opportunity to address these opportunities and concerns in a wideranging forum.

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Exhibition details
Category Membership status Cost (exl VAT) Total (inc VAT)
AGM and Technical Symposium ICT 185.00 185.00
Non-member 220.00 220.00
Student/Retired 65.00 65.00
Gala Dinner ICT   66.00
Non-member   78.00
Student/Retired   66.00
Technical symposium
Keynote: balancing the impact and utility of concrete Professor Phil Purnell,
University of Leeds, UK
Ultra-high quality GRC for the 21st Century Bob Foulding,
GRC Synergies Ltd, UK
3D printing Dr Timothy Wangler,
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Sprayed concrete: development for the future Elvind Grov,
SINTEF, Norway
eco2floor: a low carbon self-leveling floor screed Nico Vonk,
Ecocem Benelux, Netherlands
More durable concrete with ternary cements John Lay,
How to achieve sustainability of multi cementitious blends for
highly durable concrete in the extreme Middle East environment
Nick Davis,
Delmon Readymix, Bahrain
The role of in-transit management in concrete production Helen Frape,
GCP Applied Technologies, UK
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